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Meguin is a leading German manufacturer of automotive, industrial oils, which are distinguished by the highest quality, efficiency and environmental friendliness. The company was founded over 160 years ago and now occupies a leading position in the market for the production of lubricants for various purposes. Meguin automotive and industrial oils are manufactured only in Germany, supplied to various countries and sold through dealer networks. The production of products is based on the use of innovative technologies and materials, the manufacturer cares about the constant improvement of performance properties and product characteristics.

The products of this brand are recommended by many experts, professional consumers and manufacturers of machinery and equipment, as: It rightfully deserves the title of the standard of quality due to the fact that it is made of high-quality basic components using additives and synthetic additives from leading global manufacturers. Meguine motor oil reliably protects engines and other aggregates of vehicles, prolonging their service life. Lubricants manufactured under this brand provide high-quality and effective car care. Industrial oil protects the most important parts of various equipment and technology from wear and breakage.

Meguin offers consumers the widest possible range of lubricants. At the same time, not only automotive and industrial Oil, but also coolants, greases and other materials are presented in a wide range. The product range of German-made Meguin, no doubt, will satisfy any consumer, even the most demanding. In our company, you can buy automotive oil for all types of transport (cars, trucks, machinery), as well as lubricants for gearboxes, compressors, transmissions and other industrial equipment.

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