Founded In 1867, MÉGUIN is Germany’s number one brand of premium-quality lubricants, additives and service products. Every MÉGUIN product is 100% made in Germany – each proudly exhibiting the well-established German reputation for excellence. By starting with only the highest-quality raw materials and working closely with the world’s best car manufactures, MÉGUIN is able to offer superior-grade products, while securing an enormous number of difficult-to-obtain manufacturer-certified approvals.

MÉGUIN is ideal for all prestige, classic and performance vehicles, along with the latest diesel-powered SUVs and 4WDs. If you’re a discerning motorist, whose pride and joy is more than just a means of transport, welcome to the MÉGUIN family.



Your leading supplier of systems for mineral oil based products and greases – offers a full range of additives, lubricants and industrial lubricants.MEGUIN quality management is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and environmental management in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001. MEGUIN is based on absolute quality and responsible handling of resources and the environment.


Meguin is a German producer of oils, additives and workshop chemistry. All Meguin products are made only in Germany. The company exists since 1874. Oil production processes have been perfected for over 170 years, bringing quality to perfection. Meguin oils therefore excel in the use of products in which the synthetic PAO base is 100%. The offered products can certainly be considered the best on the market.


Our high quality products are “Made in Germany” and are produced by motivated and highly-qualified employees in compliance with the specifications of our integrated quality management system.Our consistent high quality meets the requirements and specifications of the automotive industry around the world, MEGUIN branded products carry the Approval of many of the world’s  major motor manufacturers, such as Daimler, Chrysler, VW, BMW, Porsche, MAN, Volvo, MTU, Deutz, ZF, Steyr Motors, Cummins, as well as many others.

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